Sunday, 27 September 2015

Current Brow Routine

Eyebrows, eyebrows, eyebrows. My arch nemesis. Doing my eyebrows is my least favourite part when doing my make up. Trying to make them even(ish), keeping them looking as natural as possible and finding the perfect colour to match my brows, it's just all a faff to me. Although I hate it, I still fill in my brows everyday because I kind of feel bald if I don't (does that make sense?). So on my search for perfect brows that are natural and easy here are the products and tools I like right now for faff-free brows.Before I attempt to even fill my brows in I like to use my trusty Brow & Lash Brush & Comb from the The Body Shop just to brush them into place. I've had this brush for about two years now and it's still going strong! None of the comb teeth have fallen off which is a huge bonus!The brush I use to fill in my brow is the Crown Brush SSO25 Syntho Brow Duo. This is my favourite eyebrow brush I've used and it's so inexpensive. It's really convenient too because it has a little spoolie on the end which I love for when I'm travelling.The product I use to fill in my brows is ABH Brow Powder Duo in Soft Brown. I've always used powder to fill in my brows and this is one is the best I've used. The colour is perfect for my brows, it's not too warm or dark. I like to use the lighter shade to just fill in any sparse areas and then I use the darker shade to shape my brow, I usually just do this in my arch.My final step in filling my brows is using a brow gel to keep them in place. Currently I'm using the Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara in Dark Blonde. It's not my favourite brow gel  as it doesn't really hold my brows in place like I hoped. Although I love that it doesn't add any crispiness to my brows and adds a nice tint of colour. After all that I'll probably just brush through them again just to make sure they are exactly how I want them and they is no excess brow gel! 
And that is how I get semi-nice brows that I don't take too long and look natural! What brow products do you use? What brow gel do you recommend? Let me know!


Thursday, 24 September 2015

Autumn Eyes

Now that Autumn is here I wanted a little change from my usual bronze lids! I don't usually venture out of my comfort zone when it comes to eye shadows but I've found a combination that I'm obsessed with! This one is great for those with blue eyes!

While I was looking for a new eye shadows to stray away from my comfort zone, I stumbled across the Rimmel Kate Shadow Stick in the shade Rose Gold. Honestly, this isn't a true rose gold, I find it to be more a orangery copper. Still a gorgeous shade none the less and I have nothing like it in my collection! The formula is great, it glides on really smoothly, doesn't crease and lasts a long time.

The Rimmel shadow looked a little plain on it's own so I shopped my stash for something to blend into the outer corner to deepen it up and Mac Sable was my choice. Sable is one of my favourite Mac eye shadows as it is so versatile. It's describe as a gold-plum with a bronze pearl which surprising goes well with the Rimmel shadow. When blended into the outer corner it darkens the look, adds a bit of bronze, dies down the orangeness but still makes my blue eyes pop. All in all it leaves me with something new but I still feel comfortable wearing! 

These shades blend beautifully together and not something I would have put together looking at the swatches now! Saying that, these would both look great on there own too!  Click here if you want to see this look on my eyes. 

What are you go-to autumn eye look? What eye shadow combinations do you like? Let me know!
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Sunday, 20 September 2015

Eyeliner Clean-up

I love wearing eyeliner but the thing that stops me from wearing it on a daily basis is that when it comes to the flick, I suck. I only put eyeliner on when I have the time or I feel mentally prepared to take my whole eye make-up off and start again. Yes, I’m really that bad at eyelinerAlthough I’m still no pro, I do have a little tip/trick that I thought may help fellow eyeliner noobs.

My saviour are these Cosmetics Tip Buds – mine are from Boots. What makes these perfect for cleaning up little eyeliner mistakes is the pointed tip. I just use my Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water and put a small amount on the pointed side. Then just clean up my flick to make it a clean and sharp instead of looking like a messy blob at the end of my eye.

These cosmetics buds can be used for more than eyeliner as well! I like to use these to smudge in/clean up lipstick, clean up nail polish around the cuticle and clean up mascara blobs! They are a little gem!

Hope you enjoy this little Sunday post! What are your eyeliner tips/tricks? How do you get the perfect flick? Let me know!
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Thursday, 17 September 2015

Autumn Lips: Maybelline Colour Drama Edition

Summer has officially pasted in the UK. I’ve cracked out the jumpers and boots because it’s always so cloudy and cold! So naturally that means the autumn lippies can come out too right? It’s my favourite time of the year and while I looked at my lipstick collection I seriously lacked some autumn/winter shades. That’s where Maybelline come in.
No doubt you’ve heard of these before as they were posted everywhere but these beauties are the Color Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencils. I have three of these matte lip crayons that I’m loving and think would be a great budget option for Autumn lipsticks.

The formula of these lip pencils are simply amazing for only £4.99! They are creamy, smooth, long lasting and super pigmented! Despite the matte formula they aren't uncomfortable or drying and best of all they don't drag/smudge on the lips.

I have three shades that I think will look gorgeous for autumn. Starting with the lightest and easiest to wear shade which is 210 Keep It Classy - a beautiful pink plummy colour which is an easy option if you aren’t a fan of dark lips. The colour reminds me a lot of Mac Plumful.

The next shade is my favourite, 310 Berry Much. It’s a true dark purple berry shade (as the name would suggest) and it makes a great statement lip for autumn. I would highly recommend this one if you want to try a dark lippie this season. I like blending this one into my lips with my finger to give a softer look.

Lastly I have 510 Red Essential which is the first one I got when they first came out. It’s a medium cool toned red (hello whiter teeth). I’ve heard this shade is meant to be an amazing dupe for Nars Cruella! I think it’s a nice alternative if you aren’t into the purple/plum shades but still want to rock an autumn lipstick.

Hopefully this has given you some inspiration and maybe find a little gem like I have! What lipsticks do you like and what shades do you love for Autumn/Winter? Let me know!


Sunday, 13 September 2015

Cult Beauty, Feel Unique & Boots Haul

Payday Friday hit and the morning after I was scrolling on the internet, filling up my basket with beauty products that I’ve wanted for a while. Usually I’m pretty restrained with my money (apart from on food, oops) but I had the urge this month! I’ll try to keep it short!

I’ve never shopped on Cult Beauty before, but I’d heard that they stocked a lot of brands that you can’t really find anywhere else so I just browsed till I stumbled across something I wanted!
The first brand that I found was Pixi, I got really excited. I knew I had to pick the Pixi Glow Tonic. I love a good chemical exfoliator and I know anything that Caroline recommends is bound to be good!

Lastly from Cult Beauty I picked up the ABH Brow Powder Duo in Soft Brown. Finding the perfect brow colour has always been a pain for me, I always seem to go too dark. The shade range though was brilliant, I had to get my boyfriend help me decide which colour to get! I have high hopes!

Next I went on a hunt on Feel Unique to get my hands on one of Tanya Burr new nail polish colours. I picked up Duvet Day which a beautiful light grey with some blue tones mixed in. I love the formula of her nail polishes and I love the new packaging!

It was time for a new lip balm and one that actually worked! I had read a lot about Nuxe Reve De Miel lip balm and thought I’d splurge to see if it is really is as good as people say it. I’ll report back on this but I love the smell already, it smells like honey and lemon *heart eye emoji*!

It’s not really a haul if Boots isn’t involved and as usual this is where I went a little crazy. I went to Boots because I was trying to get my hands on the Clinique Chubby Stick Shadow Tint in Fuller Fudge because everywhere I’d look it was sold out. Finally got it thought and I’m so excited to use this, the colour is beautiful!

I made a repurchase of my favourite eyeliner which is the Soap and Glory Super Cat eyeliner. I don’t think I’ll purchase any other eyeliner because this one is just so good. It’s really black, lasts on my eyes till I take it off and it’s inexpensive! Perfect!

Another purchase from Soap and Glory is an eye cream called Puffy Eye Attack. Getting up at 5am for work doesn’t do wonders for me so I’m hoping this will just take away that puffiness I get in the morning and hydrate my eyes too!

I’ve always been interested in trying out Origins and I stumbled across this Origins Essentials Only set while browsing. It is perfect if you want to try out the brand without investing in the full size products straight away! Plus, I got a free sampe size Ginzing eye cream which completed it for me!

Lastly from Boots, I brought the RT Core Collection Set purely because I really want to try out the well hyped buffing brush and the contour brush! I love the quality of these brushes and I can’t wait to test the buffing brush with different foundations!

We are nearly done, I promise! Lastly I brought three brushes from Crown Brush. I love Crown Brush, their brushes are super cheap but they don’t lack in quality! I got a SS025 Syntho Brow Duo - an angled brow brush - I love this because it has spoolie on the end (Lord knows I hate looking for a brow comb in the morning)!
I got BK45 Deluxe Angle Liner which is perfect for powder/gel liner or as a brow brush if you want.
The last brush I got was a C457Round Blender which is just densely packed, dome shaped brush. I brought this for my eyes but it is a whole lot bigger than I thought, so now it’s going to be a concealer brush!

Haul complete! Have you tried any of these products? Let me know! Also sorry for the lack of posts and I’m also sorry I don’t have a close up of the crown brushes, my camera just wasn’t having it!

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